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NWR: HELP! are there any dogs whisperers out there?

I am in desparate need of help! I have 3 dogs (I know I'm crazy) but they are my pride and joys and for the most part they are well behaved. However, my little princess.. my 9 month old Shiba Inu, Bella loves to chew on wood! My coffee table, my window sill, molding, baseboards, you name it!! I have already purchased and tried using that apple spray but she just finds another spot. I have TONS of toys from stuffed animals to teething toys! I am not a fan of rawhides because I'm sure it will just cause a fight. Also, I just want to add that she does not do this in front of us, only when we are not home or not in the room. I am open to any suggestions! TIA

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