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Hi all!  I couldn't find another board to put this on.  I seriously need help! 

My Fiancé and I had planned on having a shuttle take our guests from our hotel to our ceremony/reception site.  Originally, we were told verbally it was $50 per hour and the shuttle would hold 14 people.  I just called to confirm the shuttle and was told it is $50 per round trip and only holds 9 people.  I need to transport approximately 50 people, give or take. 

I am a frugal Bride, NOT cheap, but definitely budget friendly.  We simply are not going to pay that much, especially because we both have the families that are completely indecisive and can't commit on whether or not they will need it.

Does anyone have any other ideas?  Do I have to provide transportation our guest?  It's open bar and I would feel awful if something happened.  Half the guests are from out of town so they won't have their car, as they are flying in.

Please help!!

Re: Guest Transportation

  • Can you call around to other transportation complanies?
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  • Start calling around to see if you can find something cheaper.  Unfortunately, a verbal estimate doesn't amount to a signed contract so while they aren't required to honor that estimate, you aren't required to use their services either.

    You can try to speak to the rep and explain that the prices you now have are not what you were given verbally during your previous conversations but they have no obligation to revert to their first estimate.
  • I was lucky, our hotel provided a free shuttle for guests.

    But if they had not I would not have paid for guest transportation, open bar or no open bar. My budget simply did not extend that far. Also,we're all adults, we're all capable of figuring out designated drivers or arranging for taxis if we plan to drink, and I don't think that's any different because it's a wedding.
  • Have you already told your guests that transportation will be provided?
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  • No, we have not told anyone that we were planning on providing a shuttle. 

    I just feel awful that I have people flying in, including part of the wedding party.  And it's in the suburbs, so it's not like they can just catch a cab like we do in the city.

    I heard back from one company.  $700 (not including tip) for a 36 passenger mini bus.  I mean, c'mon!! 
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