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In a slump...

I don't know when it started but I hate my job. And by hate, I mean I am desperate to find something else to do. I know that I should be thankful that I have a job with amazing benefits and good pay but lately, that's not enough for me. Has anyone ever felt like this? I just started taking classes to get my certificate in personal training (it's a huge passion I have) and want to make this my future (hopefully sooner than later) career but until then, should I just suffer through my current job? My FI is fully aware how miserable I am because unfortunately, I'm miserable all the time. I just can't shake it. Every morning when the alarm goes off at 5am, I just lay there and wish so badly that I could take a sick day (forever). But I get up, get ready, sit in 1.5 hours of traffic, then sit at my desk for 8 hours, sit in another 1.5 hours of traffic. And when I'm at work, I maybe do about an hour of actual work. The rest of the time I just sit on the internet. And it's not even that I'm not completing my work but there's no work to do. (I'm an exec asst just to let you know) I guess this is more just a vent session but it's really taking a toll on me. I have zero motiviation. I've spoken with my boss about it and she just keeps telling me that the work will pick up and the business is just at a slow point right now. It's just frustrating! We have a gym at our office and literally that is the only thing that gets me out of bed. I have literally started working out 2 hours a day just to be away from my desk longer. The gym is also the one thing that is preventing me from leaving. Ugh! Just needed to get it out there and see if anyone else has been in this type of a slump and what you did to get out of it...

Happy Friday!
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