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Does anyone wear eye liner the day of the wedding and if so what color would you use?

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    I did and I have no idea what color the makeup lady used on me.  I also didn't cry if that is a factor for you.

    It's really up to you on what you want.  There are a lot of factors like your eye color, skin color, etc.  My makeup lady even wove my wedding colors into my makeup.  You could always go to the mall and talk to someone at a makeup counter.

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    I was thinking about going to the ladies at the make up counter, but just thought I would see what other girls were goin to do. Thank you for the advice.
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    I'm planning on wearing eyeliner.  I'm a brunette, so I'll wear black.  It depends on your colouring and how much drama you want.  If you're very fair, you might want to consider a brown or gray/charcoal liner.  If you want more drama or have darker colouring, than you might want to go with black.  It's really up to your personal preference.
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    depends on how dramatic you want to be - i'm really playing up my eyes, so despite being blonde i'm doing black eyeliner

    526SadieSadie  - i'm a cryer too, thanks for the tip
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    I had my makeup done for my e-pics because I needed a trial with my makeup artist before my bridals and wedding. She used a waterproof eyeliner and it worked surprisingly well. It was January and we were on the beach. It was chilly and super windy so my eyes were watering like crazy. I was so amazed I did 20 questions with her after the pics and I believe she said it was a Dior product.

    Really I think it depends on how much drama you want and how much you want your eyes to stand out. I am a huge fan of black on most occasions but I have used brown before and it is still nice just a little softer. Some people can even pull off shades of violet and green really well but IDK if you want to try that on the day of W.
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