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How long should I give her?

we got our engagement pictures taken on October 23. The photographer did amazing and had a 6 picture preview up within 2 days and I loved the pictures! I'm so anxious to see the rest!

In person that day, and in our contract, she said she would have the cd to me within 2 weeks. Two weeks would have been Sunday, November 6, so she's only a few days late so far. I was going to use an engagement picture on our holiday card, so I still have some time but, would like them soon, so I can take time to pick the picture out and create it on Shutterfly. I know she has kids, school etc, so I don't want to be pushy. I was thinking of giving her until next Wednesday before I email her, seeing if she has the right address etc. I just wish she would have emailed me since she's taking longer than discussed.

The same thing also happened with the contract. She said she'd mail it and two weeks later, I had to email her asking where it was. She said that she thought she'd sent it but hadn't and then overnighted it.

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