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i have to vent! sorry :(

Sorry guys, but I have to gripe for a minute!

FI has a roommate. They have both always gotten along just famously. His roommate's fiancée and I also get along well. We all spend a lot of time together and have tons of fun together.

Well his roommate's first cousin is FI's ex. We'll call her Babs. This is the ex that I allegedly "stole him from". Babs has has a vengeance for me for 4 years now, so needless to say, FI and I do not go out of our way to hang out with her or be around her period. Beyond the fact that she is his ex, she has harassed me for those 4 years, and I even had to go as far to file a police report on her. We have never shared these details about Bab's with his roommate and his roommate's fiancée. We didn't feel any need to smear the name of their beloved cousin and friend.

Before the agreement was made to live together, the 4 of us civilly discussed that if Babs was to come visit (she lives in another state now) that we would like to be told ahead of time.  They totally agreed that it was fine, and said they would want it that way to if the shoe was on the other foot. Everything has been fine and dandy.

Well the day finally came that Babs decided she wanted to come to town and visit her cousin. She came to town along with some of the roommates buddies. We were told the day before they got here, and FI was not happy. I kept reminding him that we had agreed that this was okay. So we didn't make a fuss or say anything. But FI decided he wanted to stay at my house for the weekend. Of course I didn't refuse! He keeps guns and valuables in his room, so he locked his door to his room when left to stay with me. I would do the same knowing two strangers and a crazy ex would be staying in my house.

Well we return to his house Sunday and I find some laundry of the roommates left in the dryer. I go to put it in his room, and low and behold, his door was locked! So they obviously had tried to get into FI's room and when they found it locked decided they would lock their door too. Okay, no foul, no harm. Well its been 4 days, and the roommate has not come home once.

Today, I sent the roommate's fiancée a text asking if everything was okay because they had not been coming to the house. Well she started lashing out saying that we made things awkward by not meeting the roommate's friends and by locking the door to FI's room. She said that we made his friends feel like they weren't trustworthy and that they weren't strangers. She got extremely angry, but in a way I'm glad she let it all out instead of letting things just be awkward and not getting their feelings out on the table.

But here are the things that piss me off: Why do they feel like they had any right to go into his room? Why do they think they have the right to be angry if my FI wants to lock his door and protect his belongings from people who ARE strangers to him? He had never met them, spoke to them, or seen them before in his life!

Oh, and on top of all this BS, the week before Babs and the friends came down, the roommate biitched at FI because there were 2 bowls left in the sink for a couple days. TWO BOWLS. He got so angry and started saying that FI "needed to be more mature than that." Over a couple of bowls. Do FI and I say anything when  their dog shiits and pisses on the floor? NO. Have we said anything about laundry that has been souring in the washing machine since Sunday. NO.

I am so sick of this passive aggressive BS. I don't want to lose their friendship, but they are being so freaking weird ever since Babs came down. It's like they were offended that we don't like her. Sorry. I know that this was long and whiney, but I am just fed up and don't really have anyone to listen to me rant about it right now.
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