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Just saw you're having your reception at DiBurros - SIL/BIL had their wedding there a couple years ago and it was great!  We were quite impressed with everything.  Just wanted to send a good review your way!!  GL planning!
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    **Butting In* I have been to a few weddings at DiBurro's and it is very nice there!! Also a coworker of mine just had her wedding there in Sept and she told me all about them and how accommodating they were. Great choice!
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    Hi ladies!! Ah thank you so much for the positive feedback - it's so helpful! I was starting to get a bit worried, just because I hadn't heard of too many knotties using DiBurros - so it's so awesome to hear first hand how great everything was! Thanks so much for sharing! Glad to hear I made a good pick :)
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