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Wedding gaps suck.

Hellloooo girlies.

I'm avoiding homework :)

Okay, so here's my issue. I have a wedding this weekend I'm attending with my mom (best +1 ever, BTW. No arguing w FI about what to wear, no you can't drink beforehand, etc. Lol just kidding).

The ceremony is at 3:30 at the beach.

THe reception is at 7 at one of the most exclusive country clubs in the states.

I was planning to wear a flowy, purple infinity dress (see: two birds, etc) with sparkly wedges for the beach.

Should I change for the reception? My shoes at least? Would it be weird to change my dress? Wtf do I do during this gap? What if my hair goes flat?

Gaps suck.
Updated 8/9!
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