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EX Sand Dollar Escort Cards

I posted this on the DIY board already but didn't get any helpful opinions, so I'm hoping that anyone here will give me their opinions!

I am going to be purchasing 3" sand dollars for the main part of the escort cards.

Should I:

Write people's names on the sand dollar? (not by favorite idea since, who really wants a sand dollar with they name on it!)

Print and cut out round tags and attach them to the sand dollar? (I'd just need to purchase the right paper punch, which is a little expensive)

Buy rectangular gift tags (on etsy) and write or make labels to display people names/table # (probably the least expensive option, but would rectangular tags look ok?)

Also, should I write anything on the back that says our names, the date or just leave it blank?

Also, the sand dollars are fake, they are made in China, I can purchse them at the Christmas Tree Shop (just in case anyone has an issue with using real sand dollars)
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