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wedding.... is there an app for that?

ladies, anyone ever use an iphone/droid app for your wedding?

Re: wedding.... is there an app for that?

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    might be nice!
    June 2013 - Shoe Inspiration
    Daisypath Wedding tickers
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    I wish there was a good one, I think all the ones out there that are free are crap though.  Bad reviews on the android marketplace.

    Maybe there's a paid one?  I haven't heard of it though.
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    I saw a couple but they weren't free (I'm not big on paid apps unless someone is recommending). Haven't heard any  recommendations either.
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    I just downloaded the apps for day of timeline, budget, countdown and to do lists on iPhone.  They were all free.

    You have to do a lot of input yourself (you can pay I think for templated apps) but so far the look and feel seem pretty good.

    I haven't had a chance to get into the meat of them yet - but so far so good.


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    There's a free one, idk what it's called (PM me if you really care and I can find out) that FI uses - which I think is absolutely adorable. I haven't seen it or really know what it does but he said something like "oh it's time to really starting looking at cakes" or a DJ or something and I was like "yeah... it is.. but why would YOU say that?" and he said "My app told me" lol cutie. 
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    We are approaching beta with our app, check us out for features, sign up for beta if interested
    and consider a wedding trendsetter. Beta. The experience will not be perfect. 

    Our demo is here
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