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Wisdom Teeth... Ugh!

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week. Picking up the phone to make the appointment about gave me an anxiety attack, and now we have to drive a full hour away to the office. I want to puke right now.

I am so absolutely terrified of the entire thing. And on top of that, I start the nursing program the following Tuesday. Peachy keen...

The upside is I should lose a couple of pounds on my liquid diet for several days. Please, please, please don't tell me any wisdom teeth horror stories. I'm not kidding, I will probably cry myself to sleep tonight anyway... :(
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Re: Wisdom Teeth... Ugh!

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    Got mine out and took a nap and I was fine.  I deal w/ pain very well though.  It honestly is not too bad.  I don't think you'll actually need a liquid diet for a couple of days, you will be fine!!!  Just don't use straws.  You will get pain killers too.  You will be fine, don't worry about it.  Good luck!
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    Everyone's situation is different. I only got 2 out, but they were both impacted. I will just say I had a rough time for a few days and definitely had to eat soft/liquid foods.

    Good Luck. I am sure everything will be fine.
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    Just give yourself enough time to recover.  I feel like most of the horror stories you hear are from situations where people tried to bounce back too quickly or did not follow doctor's orders (i.e. drinking from straws).  You'll be absolutely fine though.  The best advice I got was keep up with your pain meds.  Don't wait for the pain to start, take the medicine when you're supposed to and not in response to pain.  The timing will work in your favor and minimize the pain you feel.

    Other than that...load up on mashed potatoes, jello, and entire television series' on DVD for a weekend!!  Enjoy the rest!!
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    Put ice on your cheeks BEFORE you turn into a chipmunk.  I knew people who were eating soft-ish food that afternoon.  Like quesidillas.  I ate ice cream and applesauce for a day or two, but I wanted to take advantage of the excuse to eat ice cream all the time. 

    The vicodin worked really well, but I stopped taking it early at my dad's request - he was worried since it can be addictive.  Then I took prescription dose of ibuprofin, so I didn't have a pain issue.

    Honestly, getting my wisdom teeth out was SO much better than things like getting braces put on.
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    i had mine out two were impacted....

    they told me to bring in some music to listen to and i got a Rx to take before i even got to the office....honestly they asked what i was listening too i mumbled it and the dr said "i will be jamming out to......." and i was GONE

    woke up to my mom laughing at my pitiful sedate drooly status...

    i slept the rest of the day was a little sore but the meds they gave helped

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    I just booked my removal today! A couple hours ago actually. I go in two weeks.

    I'm a little apprehensive, but from what I hear it pretty much always goes fine. I think it's more of a hassle and uncomfortable than anything.
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    I had 4 boney impactions. Apparently it's a "doesn't get any worse than this" scenario, according to my orthodontist. I was 16 at the time, they weren't hurting me yet, and my mother made the executive decision to get them all removed in one shot.

    I'm such a big baby when it comes to doctors and needles,  and I do not "do pain". At all. Plus I found out since so much was getting done at once that I was going to actually be put out during surgery ... so I totally freaked. And pretty much spent the week leading up to it going crazy.

    But it went really well, I woke up swollen and my head felt "heavy". I didn't really like the pain meds that got prescribed (Percocet is not my friend), so I just sucked it up with some Aleve, stayed in bed and I kept my face packed in ice for a few days and after that I was fine. I highly recommend keeping ice packs on your face, it helps keep the swelling down and I had minimal "bruising" after wards.

    Plus, it's great now, because it's been like 10 years, and all of my friends are starting to get theirs pulled now because of the intense pain their teeth are causing them. I never had to deal with my teeth hurting me because they were gone before there was ever a chance. If you're in pain, you're going to feel so much better when it's over, and if you're not, you're sparing yourself by getting this out of the way now.

    Just think lots of good thoughts, stayed stocked on ice and meds (And Jell-o!) and try not to do any moving you don't "need" to do for a few days after wards and you'll be fine. Best wishes!!!!

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    Wisdom teeth are no sweat as long as you follow the doctors orders like others have said. Don't be afraid to ask for some anti anxiety meds for the night before/morning of.
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    Everyone has a different experience with wisdom teeth, and no matter how it goes, you will recover. Just allow your body the time it needs to heal properly. You don't want to push it and end up sicker.
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    My son's girlfriend just had hers out today.  Take pain meds before the pain gets bad and keep on top of it.  And don't use a straw to avoid dry sockets.  You'll be out for the actual procedure- you'll be fine:)
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    I had all 4 out about 8 years ago.  My lower two were completely sideways and impacted.  You don't feel a thing during the procedure.  Just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  I wasn't drinking enough and passed out post-op day 2.  My dad called my surgeon and he got me on the phone and said "Keri, this is the only time in your life anyone will say this to you:  you can have all the Blue Bell ice cream you want.  Just eat and drink even if you don't feel like it."  I listened to him and did just fine after that.  Don't use a straw.  Clean your mouth EXACTLY as they instruct you to.  You jaw muscles may be a little tight for a few days, and your cheeks will likely swell up some.  It's all temporary.  You'll do just fine. 
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    I didn't get put under, and got no pain meds (my ortho used novacaine, but no prescriptions or anything) and my parents still sent us to school afterwards. We got them out one at a time, a month apart, so I had to sit through it 4 times, and I was still fine. Almost like getting a tooth drilled (which I have to do in a week) but a little more nerve racking. I also didn't get stitches. I was given a list of what I could and couldn't eat, and other do's and don't's. If he doesn't give you one, you could always ask too.

    Also, my friend just got hers out on Friday and was back at work on Saturday. The only problem she had was she wasn't keeping up with her meds and almost had to be sent home because she was completely out of it and acting strange, so make sure you take any meds they give you!
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    I had all four of mine out when I was 19.  I had really bad swelling and bruising even though I kept ice on it.  They gave me vicodin for pain, but I never needed to use it.  Ibuprofin was strong enough to take away the pain, and I don't deal with pain well so I can only assume that it just wasn't that painful.

    Really the worst part about it was not being able to eat very well for a few days.  It took me an hour to eat a bowl of mac and cheese a couple days after having my teeth out because I couldn't chew very well.
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    I put off getting all four wisdom teeth pulled for about 10 years.  Just finally had it done last April.  It really wasn't so bad.  I only used 2 of the vicodins they gave me and the next day I was outside painting my shed.  Good luck!

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    Mine were fine. I seriously had a malt an hour after I woke up, and on the painkiller schedule they gave me, I felt nothin'. I reduced my intake after only a couple days and ended up with quite a few extras, and very little pain. Relax. Even if it sucks, they'll never bother you again.
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    I totally feel your pain here! I get all four of mine out this Thursday. I'm definitely not thrilled about the timing (wedding day is 9/11) as I'm so busy with last minute planning and errands but it has to be done. I've heard from a lot of people it's not too bad and most people say they bounced back pretty quickly. Don't be terrified, they'll put you under and you won't feel a thing. I was scared when I was told I needed all four out but the second the doc said I'd be put under I was like 'oh ok, whatever!'  Just make sure you have a ride home after as you won't be able to drive after being sedated.
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    Wow! Thanks for all of the support and good stories, everyone! Definitely bringing my headphones with me for it- I hadn't even thought of that.

    The worst part is I found out yesterday that one of them is in entirely horizontal and very few oral surgeons perform the procedure for it I guess because it's so difficult. So now I have to go to the University of Michigan Oral Surgeon and it will take over a month to get my insurance to approve it. Well that sucks... :(
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    I had all 4 removed 2 years ago. They put me under and I woke up in a blink of an eye. The recovery was the worst part -- and I mean by not being able to have my favorite foods for a while. But just don't push your luck and get dry socket or rip your stitches out! Listen to the doctors. :)
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