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I don't want them to blend... or contrast!

We are thinking about going with this venue.. 

And I was planning to have shamrock green/pale yellow as my colors, but now I'm rethinking that because there's so much green at the venue.  I don't want the BMs to blend in.  I can't decide what colors would look good in pics, etc. 

Any ideas?!

Re: I don't want them to blend... or contrast!

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    All I see is a green carpet which no one will notice and a green bar.  When i read your post I thought the place was going to have green walls or something.  I think that you are good to go.  The green dresses with yellow sounds nice and your girls will totally NOT blend in.  Nor do I think your colors will clash.
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    i totally agree with tidetravel - what a great combo!
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