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I am planning a bridal shower and need help with finding a place to have it at.?

We live in Michigan in the Clawson area. There will just about 100 guest. I am thinking of having it around June or July. Dose anyone have any good ideas for where to have it at? Also if you know of any good game's and favors to give out that would be of great help thanks.

Yes it is the bridal shower and I know it is a lot but there about 300 come to the wedding. I am just the maid of honor and this is the number I was given.
Well you try and tell someone that they can't come but others can. They both come from very large family's that are close to them. The groom has his mom's side and dad's side as well as a step mom's side. With the bride having the mom's side and her dad's said. Then you have close friends as well. I did not ask about the amount of guest. I asked about a place to have it at.
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