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Wording help!!!

what would u do?


My parents (bride) are hosting the wedding as far as paying for it. My future in laws, are divorced. My future mother in law, is re-married.

When we discussed with them, regarding the rehearsal, my future father n law and mother n law, fought over where it should be at. Basically saying, that if she doesn't pay 1/2 the rehearsal dinner, then she can't come.

We thought maybe my future father n law could pay for the rehearsal, and my future mother n law & her new husband could pay for something else for the wedding.

Is it proper to include son of Mr. X and Mr. and Mrs. Y?

If they aren't paying for anything for the day of? 

Re: Wording help!!!

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    My in-laws didn't pay for anything at all, but we went ahead and did "Together with their families" to make sure no toes were stepped on. 
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    We are running into much of the same dilemma. However, his parents are paying for the rehearsal and bar. We think we are going to go ahead and put, "Together with their families....". I hope this helps. Good luck!!!
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    So you think it would be an insult to my parents, if we include his parents too?

    Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Durand
    request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
    Sophie Lynn
    Jeffrey Matthew
    son of
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lautrec
    Saturday, the eighth of March
    two thousand eighteen
    at two o'clock in the afternoon
    Fox Green Country Club
    2621 Hunter Avenue
    Atlanta, Georgia

    (would that be an insult to my parents?)
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    I totally almost posted something smart a$$ on here, because I thought you were one of my bridesmaids! She is a huge Cards fan and they got engaged on 4/13/12 at the Cards game and she is going through the same wording problems...glad I didn't say anything, I would have felt like an idiot lol.
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    On the wedding invitation, I would just put your parents names since they are hosting the event.
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