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It's been a hectic August!

FI and I went to a friend's wedding on Friday. The ceremony didn't even last five minutes! We went right into the cocktail hour and reception. The buffet was delicious, we got seconds of everything. FI loved the candy buffet so now he wants to have one at our wedding lol. FI seriously loves to dance. Both my FI, the groom, and the groomsmen owned the dance floor during MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. 

Fast forward to Monday my sister and her FI got married at city hall. She and I stayed at a hotel the night before that had a kitchenette. I walked to the nearest Walgreens and picked up some breakfast items and snacks. The makeup artist and photographer came and we got ready. FI came and drove us to city hall where sister and her groom had their first look. The ceremony started a little late because of the judge but it was really short as well and then we went right into the cupcake reception (the wedding was at 2pm). 

Tuesday morning I was in class at 9am. I'm still not fully recovered from this past weekend but FI and I had lots of fun. I just hope that no weddings spring up soon, we need a breather!

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