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MOB and Maid of Honor

I am thrilled my daughter asked me to be her MOH because we are also best friends and she said she wanted to honor me in a special way, since the FOB gets to walk her down the aisle.  Any suggestions on how to play both roles on that day?

Re: MOB and Maid of Honor

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    I think being the MOH is a huge honor in itself!!  Maybe you and her FMIL could light the unity candlle or something?  Other than that, I think she's already honored you in a very special way :)
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    I agree, just being the MOH is honoring you in a special way. Other then lighting the unity candle like PP said, or doing a reading during the ceremony.

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    I think you and your daugther lighing a unity candle is kinda strange...its sweet that you are so close (my mom and i are close too), but its a wedding about the bride and groom and I think you two doing anything like that would take away from the purpose of the day.  U being her MOH is enough
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    Maybe I didn't word that well.  My concern is trying to be both the MOH and the MOB that day and doing both jobs well!  I hate to see my husband sitting by himself in church, so I'm having his mother sit with him.  We are thinking of having a central table in the middle of the banquet hall with both sets of parents sitting with the bride and groom.  Groom has two sets.  Then the rest of the wedding party will sit with their spouses/significant others in the first circle of tables around them.  Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this and had any tips.  My daughter's close aunt will be a personal assistant and she will be a huge help doing all those last minute things!  Thanks for all your suggestions.
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    did she ASK you to plan what you would do? because i would be kind of irritated if my wp suggested ways that i honored them.

    a great MOB job is along with MOG is to light the unity candles (like light the taper, not use the tapers to light the pillar candle), it symbolizes the 2 mothers supprtive in joining the sides of the family together. then the bride and groom use the candle their respective moms had lit to light the unity pillar candle.

    since he has 2 sets of parents, this might leave his step mom out though. his stepmom can do something else though.

    i agree that other than traditional MOB jobs, it would be weird to have you do anything else in my opinion.
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