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6/11/2011 wedding?

Nothing serious just bored lol

I'm just curious if anyone else is having their wedding on 6/11/2011 and why they chose that date?
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Re: 6/11/2011 wedding?

  • I am! We chose it mostly because it was convenient. We got engaged last March and because of school didn't want to do a mid semester wedding. That limited us to winter or summer. I don't like cold so winter was out. And this summer was too close. Thus, summer 2011. August was too close to school starting. July is my birthday month (and hot!). So June it was! Then, it was just a matter of picking a weekend. lol

    Have you checked out the June 2011 board?? There are several girls who have their wedding the same day. And it's a nice group of girls!
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  • That's our date, too!  It gives us about a month between graduation from college and the wedding, and it's the week before FI's birthday (and eventually Father's Day).  I also kinda chose it because my grandfather, who passed away 8 years ago, helped build the Norfolk & Western 611 Steam Locomotive. Nothing big...just a small reminder of him.
    As PP said, come on over to the June 2011 board.  We'd love to have you!!
  • our date also! That was the only time that worked for us when the reception location had available.  Can't wait :)
  • Ours too!  We chose it because 11 has always been my FI's lucky number... Plus, it was a month after his college graduation, so it will hopefully give us plenty of time to get things settled. Are you ladies getting stressed yet?? haha
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  • Ours too!!! Same, it works with the school schedules, and I work at a school as does my mom and brother!!
    I refuse to be stressed because we have so much time!! But I also have a lot done!
  • Our wedding date is 6/11/11 also. We chose it becuase it was the next open date that both the venue and the church were available. We originally wanted the wedding in May but the church was booked for every saturday in May for the time that we wanted the ceremony. So June 11th was the next choice.  I was thinkinking April would have been a nice month also but I didn't want the chance of it raining on our day.

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