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wedding invite just to FI

so my FI's cousin is getting married soon and we received her wedding invite today.  I have never met her but she knows about me and our wedding mostly via FB but also from FI's parents and Grandpa.  so last week or so she asked FI for our address via FB.  he responded like this:
FI's Name and Stumpie
123 W 3rd St.
New York, NY

the invitation we got today just said FI's name.  would you assume I'm not invited?  I kept telling him I don't think I am invited...he just said no she doesn't know to put you on the invitation but I think since he wrote my name and she left it off - I'm not...

should he ask her or just respond with 2 and let her say I'm not invited, if I'm really not? 

Re: wedding invite just to FI

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    Have him call and clarify. That happened to us with one of my husband's best friends when they got married last year (same day as us, in fact). It was addressed only to him, had contact info on the invitation to call to RSVP, and included a registry card. The bride simply didn't know what she was doing. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    I would have him call and ask if you are invited.  If she says, "Of course! I'm so sorry; I must have accidentally left her name off", then you know it was just an oversight.  If she says that you aren't invited, she is being extremely rude.  If you aren't invited, I would hope that your FI would decline as well.
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    Have you opened the invitation? Our outer envelopes had just the one name on it. Then the inner envelope had both names. I should clarify. This was for unmarried couples NOT living together.
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    ok I will have him call!  thanks everyone! 

    I was thinking oh maybe she didn't know how to spell my name but then when he told me he wrote his and my name for the address, I thought hmmm...

    the invitation is one of those like all folded up with the sticker to close it...does that make sense?!  I don't know what those are called...but so no envelopes. 

    thanks again!
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    It's called a pocket fold invitation, if I picture it right. Hopefully it was an oversight :)
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