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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's, my darling Chit Chatters! I love this stupid made up holiday... FI and I are having dinner downtown because we are fancy. :) Anyone else have plans?

Also there are cookies at work and I have yummy leftovers for lunch. Happy Tuesday/2/14!!
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Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

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    Nothing special FI is working 9 to 9, he said not to plan anything for Thursday though so we will see what he has got up his sleeve.

    Oh you fancy huh?

    Enjoy your dinner!!!
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    We aren't doing anything for tonight either, both of us have crazy work days trying to get ready for vacation. We are doing a fancy dinner while we are away though, and DH got me a kindle fire :)
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    I posted a bunch of signs around the house for when DH comes home this after noon, also got him See's candy.  Tomorrow we are going out to a hockey game as his gift.

    I doubt I will get anything...but oh well. lol...guess we have the rest of our lives to spend Valentine's day together.
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    My FI got me a card and a case for my new phone yesterday. Sad thing is though that the case wasn't the right one! I just got a HTC EVO Design and we didn't realize there was a big difference between that and the regular version. Whoops! He decided to order a couple online instead. They were cheaper too! Yay!

    FI is working all day today so he won't get home until around 11pm. I decided I'd make him dinner and have a little wine when he gets home. Nothing fancy.

    I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day but in high school a friend of mine died on this day, so it's a sad day for me. With those two things, it's just not a day I'm super excited about. But I try to make it a good day and since he did something for me I figured I'd do something nice for him too :-) Oh, and both of our birthdays are coming up next month so we'll probably do something more special then!
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    Jenni, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope it turned out to be a good day :)
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