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MOB hates possible MOH. HELP!

I live with my fiancé for 7 years already and we have 2 daughters. But after all that time, we've decided to celebrate our family with a wedding. 

We didnt do that before because I felt I was too young when we moved in together. One year later he proposed me and I said yes, but soon after I got pregnant and we gave up of the wedding because we had other priorities (like buying diapers and clothes to little Alice).

But next year we'll celebrate our 8th annyversary and we decided to celebrate it with a wedding. But now is when the problem starts:
Me and my FI  have a very dear friend, who was by us in every important moment of our life together. We used to hang out a lot and she was there when my daughter was born, she helped me during her first months, she helped me prepare her birthday parties and so on.

The thing is my mom and my sister HATE her to their guts. I don't know why, but they tell me she envies me and tries to take over my stuff, like stealing the snene at my parties, which I dont think it happens.I think that they are just jealous of her. When I asked my friend to be the godmother of my daughter, my sister and mother stopped talking to me, they felt agravated and offended by it. In the end, because of that, I never even really did baptise her, just to avoid all the drama.

But my friend is a person who was always there for me. She's also a good friend of my FI So she's the logical choice to be my MOH...

But just to imagine al the fuss my mom and sister are going to make about it, it gives me second thoughts. It always makes me sad dealingl with this in every celebration in our household when friends and family are togheter, like birthdays, for example, let alone a wedding!

Please note I do not hate my mother and my sister... 
And I surely do not want them to be mad at me during my wedding day. But I also love my friend and thinks she's a perfect fit for the role, not just because she has always been there, but also because she always has good ideas for parties!

What would you guys do?

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