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Wedding Hoarding

Happy day ladies!

DIY bride-to-be of control! Like most of you, I have been waiting for this day…. My FI and I have been together almost 8 yrs, engaged 3 and now getting married in 13 months and I couldn’t be happier!

I am finding myself so obsessed looking for bargains and searching for unique things to make that I can’t pass anything up! My theme is modern vintage with a touch of shabby chic. Colors are white, flowers are orchids, 100’s of candles everywhere and everything else is real crystal (i.e. crystal vases and candlesticks, crystal plates, chandeliers etc…). I can’t find it in me to pass anything up and I don’t even know if I am using everything I already have. My idea is to just have a wedding yard sale afterwards to make things simple but… I am just following the footsteps of a hoarder, or is this normal.

Have I gone mad!? Need a reality check, please help I am obsessed!

Thanks ladies !

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