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Where to put my brother

My fiance and I will saying our vows October 2nd this year.  We got engaged in Sept of 09 and we've slowly been putting the peices together.  We've picked our wedding parties and they are rather large (to me) with 6 attendants each.  We were only going to do 5, but jeff (my fiance) changed that pretty quickly.  I don't want any more in the wedding party, but my brother (and only sibling) has no place yet in the wedding.  I've thought of him doing a reading, or lighting a candle, or something, but they all seem kindof insignificant. 
I've been to a couple weddings where they have extra "ushers,"  so they aren't in the wedding party exaclty, but they help seat people and they will come in some of the pictures, but I find that's what the groomsmen should be doing. 
So now I'm stuck.  I have no idea what to do with my brother, but I feel like he should be a part of the wedding.  I've had a friend who recently got married tell me her brother was very hurt when he was not included in the wedding party, while I don't think mine would be so heartbroken, I would like to include him in something.
I should also mention that he's fairly shy and probably wouldn't want to do a reading or singing.
Please, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them

Re: Where to put my brother

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    It would be an honor for him to walk your mom down the aisle.
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    Definitely ask your brother if he wants to be in the party. My brother isn't in the party and he's very happy with that, simply because he doesn't know the groom well (he lives out of state) and he'd rather sit and watch the ceremony rather than stand up and not see me that well. 

    My groom's sister is also not in the wedding party, but we want to include her as well. 

    My brother and FSIL are both lighting candles prior to the start of the ceremony. My brother will be escorting my mother and grandmother. Then he and my FSIL will receive roses from their respective mothers. (Each rose symbolize those who have passed away in our family). They each will place roses on top of the altar. All this prior to the WP walking in.

    You can come up with many ideas where your brother can be involved. Also, be sure to give him a boutiannire (however you spell that). 
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    [QUOTE]It would be an honor for him to walk your mom down the aisle.
    Posted by jenn.daniel[/QUOTE]

    Good idea.
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    My FI's sibblings aren't going to be a part of the wedding.  I asked him several times, but they aren't close so I totally understand.  But, his cousin does want to be a part of the wedding so we made her an usher. 

    PP's are right, the sides don't have to be even.  I also like the idea of having him walk your mother down the aisle.
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    Don't worry about the numbers. I asked my brother to stand on my side, as a "brides-man" and he happily said yes. I have 3 girls and my brother on my side, and my fiance has 3 guys on his side. I don't care about the numbers. When you look back at your wedding in 20 years are you going to think, "I shouldn't have had my brother be on my side, these pics look ridiculous with uneven numbers on each side?" LOL No, you're going to think about the roles the important people in your life played in your wedding and how much it meant to you.
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