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not quite what I imagined 2

the lovely support you ladies have given me in the past few hours.

When someone is in love, and theyare being responsible and getting married before moving in together, it shouldn't matter their age, or if their parents aren't fond of the idea so they kept their engagement a secret. We have told everyone now, and honestly I came to you all for some support and just got told I was immature for something I did over 2 years ago (none of you know what age I am or how long we have officially been engaged, so stop assuming). 

I am done with theknot if all this is is a bunch of "happily engaged/married" women who have nothing better to do than berate people who they don't know. 

Best wishes.

Re: not quite what I imagined 2

  • I just wish people would stop being so super duper mean!!! Message boards are no place for cold hard truth; they're meant for validation and puppies and rainbows!!!
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