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I posted this on Wedding Beauty but then realized that board doesn't get much traffic, so I thought I'd post here too:

Has anyone tried I just saw an article (probably an ad disguised as an article) describing get custom haircoloring mixed for you but you do it yourself at home.

I'm not a fan of home coloring in general, but I might be a bit of a hair snob. However, I'd love it if someone who's actually used it could comment. Changing my tune is not out of the question.


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    I've never used it, but from what I can see it has good reviews. Do you often color your hair at home? I know you're a self-described hair snob, so if it's not something you usually do it can be a bit of a challenge. I've been coloring my hair since probably middle school, and have had my fair share of mishaps. 

    You can also go to a beauty supply store (we have Sally's Beauty here) and they can usually help you find the right color and developer. If you're going to do it yourself I've found that the results are much better than a box color since you're using professional products. 

    I've certainly done the salon way in the past for the convenience factor, but the at-home method is obviously more cost effective. I didn't see how much the esalon costs, but I hope you find what you're looking for!
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    Thanks, ralbro. I've only colored my hair at home twice (actually my fiance did it for me, and he loved doing it, strangely enough). I was so nervous about it that I figured if I were going to do it right, I needed the best color from a pro, and who better than Frederic Fekkai? So I bought a $45 box of color (yes, I know) and it turned out well, so I did it again the next time. But if I'm getting my hair colored, I usually want a cut too, and my stylist only charges $80 for the cut and color together. I know the Frederic Fekkai color is ridiculously overpriced but I'm nervous about the drugstore brands and don't feel a whole lot of confidence in my ability to choose the right color. The eSalon was, I think, $20 or maybe $25. 

    Does anyone else have any feedback on it? The more I write, the more I talk myself out of doing it myself, but I'm still waffling.

    Or if anyone has used a drugstore brand and loved it, please share. Thanks!
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