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Sometimes Families Stink!

So we find out today that FI sister isn't coming to our wedding at the end of this month because her anniversary is the week before and they want to go camping?  SERIOUSLY????  It's bad enoug that his dad isn't going to be there because he was given a free hunt of some sort...guess you can't possibly give that hunt up for your kids wedding.  This family is very messed up when it comes to family meaning anything.  I couldn't imagine one of siblings not coming to my wedding to go camping or to go on a hunt.  Just amazes me the priorities this family has!  (and yes our date was set before his father was given the hunt). GRRRRRRRR....FI is hurt but not saying much about it so I'm trying not to vent in front of him and make him feel worse, after all, it's not his fault his family stinks. 

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