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Teen Mom's Kid has new Fashion Line

That's right! Teen Mom 2's Kailyn has designed a clothing line for toddlers and named it after her son, Isaac. Check it out.

Thoughts? (This is a post and run as I'm getting ready to go eat dinner, but I'll be back later!)
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Re: Teen Mom's Kid has new Fashion Line

  • I agree with Ilovemilkduds, it looks like a home ec project gone awry.

    As a mom...I would never put those on my boys. They look hideous and just awful...but if other people want to buy it and if she can make money off of it...go for it.
  • I really like the show, except I never get as into the newer girls as I do the original girls (Maci, Caitlyn, Amber and Farrah).

    I don't really care for the clothes but if she's making a living off of something that she enjoys doing, then good for her.
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