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Other people's wedding drama...

Ok so I feel like a horrible person but....

someone I know who is getting married was not being very clear with her bridesmaids. I know about it because I talk to all of the birdesmaids and I'm not in the wedding party. So she has basically pitted her bridal party against each other, now everyone is fighting with everyone else and very upset with each other.  Again I hear everyone's side of the story and it seriously sounds like the bride's fault, or a miscomunication or something. I feel really bad because the girls are really upset by it and it's breaking up some friendships.

I'm trying to stay out of it because It's really none of my buisness I just hear everything because they all come to me to talk about it. So I jst listen while they rant and I don't say anything because I dont know what to say. I've actually decided not to go to the bachlorette party because of all the drama.

Should I continue to stay out of it or should I say something. I'm really worried about my friends.
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