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question for endurance athletes.

I'm training for my first century ride (June 23rd...3 weeks before the big day) and my friend and I are getting into the higher distance rides in training, and are thinking we need some nutrition on the go....what would you recommend? we hit a wall around 40 miles today and the rest of our ride was not fun.
Have you tried GU? it seems a little weird to me and I have no idea what flavor to pick if I go that route (Vanilla bean, chocolate?).
I've also heard that having a waterbottle supplemented with some honey, lemon juice, and a little salt helps?

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Re: question for endurance athletes.

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    My Uncle is a marathon runner and when I did a lesser of a race this year he was drinking GU. He likes both flavors. I haven't personally tried any of them.
    June 16, 2012
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    I've used the gels before -- GU is my favorite, but there are several other brands, and you might prefer one flavor over the others.   The gels are easy to carry in a pocket (or a lot of activewear have pouches sewn in), easy to open and consume on the go, and are really easily digestible.  I stay away from the ones with caffeine because they stimulate my digestive system a little too much (sorry if that's TMI).    

    I've also used Jelly Belly Sport Beans, which are good. It means chewing, which means for me it's easier to eat them if I stop on a run rather than while actually running (and I don't like means I might not start again!).   

    Fruit is good -- bananas, apple slices, dried fruitl ike raisins/craisins/apricots.   Again, anything with TOO much fiber might overstimulate your digestive system more when you stop....
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    I think GU works the fastest by far, so that is usually what I like. Also, like PP, I like the chocolate and mint chocolate. Make sure you have some water to wash it down, because it can be sticky.
    There are also Shot Blocks (similar to gummy bears) and Jelly Beans. If you go to a local bike shop they should have tons of different types to choose from. I would really see what works for you. My mom likes beans, dad and I like Gu's. They all work, but it's preference.
    I would also read some reviews on the century and see how the stops are. Most good bike rides will have bananas, oranges, cookies, and my personal favorite, pickle juice. If it's a legit race they will have food at each stop, so you will only have to carry with you a Gu (or whatever you choose).
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    Thanks for all the great tips.  I was going to try to make some homemade bars, I'm just not sure what kind of time I'm going to have to do that and might want some prepackaged products in case I can't get to making something.  At the moment has some different bars/gels on sale...maybe I'll see if any of those work for me, if not my sister is doing her first marathon the same weekend I can see if she and her friend want anything I decide i don't like.
    I'm thinking that 2 hours into the ride I'm going to try to do 100 calories ever 10 miles or so.
    As many century rides are advertised this one is touted as a ride not a race, its only the second year its been running,I think the focus is mostly on fundraising and then having a nice ride, but it sounds like there is going to be lots of support along the way...I'm trying to get FI to work one of the support stations...we'll see how that goes.
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    CRFB had a lot of great points. I just saw some pro-triathletes give a talk a few weeks ago, and they squeeze their GU packets into a water bottle, and then cut it with water. This way you don't have to carry the packets, and get both the GU AND the water in one fell swoop.

    I also enjoy the GU Shot blocks. They are chewy and can be hard to get down when you're dehyrdrated... but they taste good and are easily washed down with water.
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    I used GU on a hike in the Grand Canyon.  I think it's flippin gross but I think it really helped.
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