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Grenon's Trading Post trip!!!

So, there are many new ladies on the board, so I thought this might be a good time to get a Grenon's trip organized.  It's in Bedford, but worth the trip!For those that aren't familiar with Grenon's, it's quite possibly the BEST place to get ribbon (big spools!), silk flowers, candles and candle holders/vases, and more!So, why the big organized trip?  Steffy has a sizeable store credit that needs to be used up, so if a bunch of us go, and spend down her credit - while giving her the cash in return, we're helping each other out.  Grenon's has a deal where you spend a certain amount (I can't remember how much now - $30?) your entire order automatically becomes half-price!  I need some more ribbon for my DIY projects, and I'd love the company, and I bet Steffy would love the "refund" of her money...So, I'm trying to organize a trip:  I can go on September 12th or 19th, so let me know if there is one day that may work better for anyone who is interested in tagging along. 

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