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Tough situation

So to give a little bit of a background, my fiance and I have been together for 5 years. Last summer he proposed on the beach and I couldn't have asked for anything more. We are both the first born in our families and are both very close to our families and all get along better than I could ever imagine. When my fiance and I began looking at places to have our wedding we soon found out that it is not something that him and I can afford 100% on our own. My mother has offered to pay for our DJ however my father has not mentioned helping at all and neither has anyone in his family whether it be his parents or grandparents etc. To be honest they don't even really seem to care too much about the wedding plans. Because of this we have had to push the wedding date from June 2012 to June 2013 in hopes of being able to save money during that time. We are starting to look at locations and photographers etc again and want to start putting together a budget in the next few months, but before we can do that I feel as though we need to know if anyone else is willing/able to help in any way. We are both worried that we will offend our families by asking for money but I also feel that even if they put $20 a week away every week they could easily pitch in and help in someway. I guess what I am asking is has anyone else had to ask for help and how did you bring it up to make it less awkward for everyone? If just seems as though all of our friends who are getting married didn't even have to ask for financial help because the families offered it to them right off the bat. It's a little upsetting being as though we are so close to everyone and they love us together but yet they couldn't seem to care when it comes to our special day. Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated.
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