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NWR: Thank you Knot Community

Okay, so I just realised something this week. Why I like the Knot board so much.

I moved across the country with FI a year and a half ago and haven't made any new friends yet here in my new home.

Last year I was depressed because I missed all my female friends more than I can describe. I found the Knot community while planning my wedding and now frequent it not just for my own wedding related questions but because it makes me feel a connection to others, like I have friends near by. Reading about other peoples weddings and stories etc has helped me. 

My fi asked me recently why I come on here so often. So I just figured it out and I wanted to say thanks

Re: NWR: Thank you Knot Community

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    Agreed blues.  Couldn't have said it better myself.  I moved to be with FI about 14 months ago, and it isn't easy to make new friends, start a new job, leave behind everything that you knew.  Knotting makes the transition easier. 
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    Cosigned. We moved to an area where most people are older and have kids. It's hard to make friends, especially since I'm not working at the moment.

    We're also looking to move in the nearish future hopefully, and it'll be up north where I know no one. This is a great place to connect with others :)
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    Hey Blues, where did you move from? I'm in NY as well so let me know if you have any WR questions. I feel I could be a planner right now! 
    This site has been great and really supportive. 
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