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An idea for anyone who volunteers at an animal shelter...

This weekend, the shelter I volunteer at had an event called 'Dog's Day Out'. It was a volunteer only event.

Saturday morning, a volunteer signed out a dog for a 'mini field trip'. The proper precautions were taken, obviously. Phone numbers exchanged, information about dog given to each volunteer, rules had to be abided by (i.e. no pet parks, do not bring around other dogs if dog has issues with other dogs, same with children, do not feed if on a certain diet, etc).

But it was a way for the dogs to get out of the shelter for a couple hours in the morning before the open afternoon shift started. 

H and I took one dog out for a long walk on a trail, stopped at a dog bakery and got him a freshly made treat, then back to our yard for an hour of playing ball and napping in the sunshine in the grass.

I personally did not want to take the dog inside the house b/c I would have been heartbroken if he thought he was 'home'. So we just stayed outside.

Even though H and I were so sad to have to bring him back, we know that Fudge (yah, 103 lb rott/mastiff mix named Fudge!) had an awesome morning and got a chance to stretch his legs.

It went over really well with the volunteers, actually every single adoptable dog went out for the morning with a volunteer! (those who haven't been cleared by the vet or temperment tested were not allowed out). Just thought I'd share the idea for anyone else who volunteers at a shelter!

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