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Chicago Themed Wedding - Help!!

So with all the major venues and contracts signed, I am now turning to decorations and favors with 8 mths to go till my wedding. I want to get more ideas for chicago themed weddings but don't have the time to go through the 150 chicago real weddings. If you find anything that you think would be of interest...for me..or other brides to be who are looking for this theme...please post. Websites are also welcome. I will continue my search....but I could use all the help I can get. Happy planning!!!

Re: Chicago Themed Wedding - Help!!

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    You could do like chicago backdrop of the Bean and the gardens, you could do also the following Comkisey Field, US Cellular Field or even Soldier Field too.  But you need to be more specific about what you want when it comes to a Chicago Themed Wedding okay?
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    Exactly what are you thinking of as Chicago themed?  I live in Chicago, so I could help you out.

    Ive seen a ton of paper products (i.e. inviations, programs, etc) out there the incorporate the Chicago skyline. 
    Also, and I have thought of doing this, instead of using table #'s you could use Chicago Landmarks, and include a picture of that landmark

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    We're using vintage postcards from St. Louis as our "guest book" -- there's a seller on Etsy who has a bazillion vintage postcards from all over the country!
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    food: chicago style hotdogs, italian beef, portillos (they ship anywhere), deep dish pizza- You can serve them as appetizers or late night food if you're serving more formal food. Or use Chicago food for the RD.

    Landmarks: incoprorate the skyline (I've seen chicago skyline cakes), you can use landmark pics for table numbers- The Bean, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field/Soldier Field/US Cellular Field, museums, Chicago Theatre sign, Sears/Willis Tower, the "L" trains.

    Sports: Cubs/Sox, Bears, Hawks. Integrate these somehow- colors, cake, invites, display. Maybe you can have a candy bar with candy colored of the teams?

    Are you coming to Chicago anytime? You and your FI can take pics with the landmarks in the background. Have those displayed at the wedding or use as engagement pics.

    Chicago book as a wedding guest book. Use Chicago themed invitations.

    Hope some of this helps- just what I could think of quickly off the top of my head!

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