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Arez16 just mentioned DJ Dave Lynch in a post, that name is new to me - have any of you used him or are planning to use him?  I am meeting with Joey Dion from Main Event but I would love to also check out someone who is less expensive.

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    obviously I have not used him yet, but I had some girls reviews saved from him so I thought I would pass it along. And I know there are reviews for him on the Boston Knottie site too but its not working right now...just trying to help since no one has really responded... are two reviews I saved from former knotties... [url][/url] (scroll to the bottom) [url][/url] And my opinion on vendors is meet with a few from a few different price points. In the end its about if you click with them, like them, and can afford them. At least that is what I think.... Just so happened that FI and I really hit it off with him :) Good luck in your DJ search!
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    i used dave lynch for my wedding and he was AWESOME!!! we wanted a very playful reception, and he definitely brought it! he even brought props! and he kept the dance floor moving all night long.. if the dance floor got kind of thin, he would switch up the songs to keep things moving. he kept me informed the entire night, and was a complete professional. he even let us keep some of the props he brought us!!!he will give you the reception that you want -- if you want more formal, then he can do that... we wanted fun, and he definitely had that!!!
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    Thank you!
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