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Okay am I losing my mind? I have began to look around at different things for my fiance's and my wedding. However he complains that I am looking way to soon when the wedding is "only" next year. Can someone weigh in and tell me what they think? I just am excited!!!
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Re: Wedding Planning

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    felicia220felicia220 member
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    I starting planning about a year out.  I think it was the perfect amount of time.  You also need to book your main vendors somewhat early if you are getting married during peak wedding season, as vendors book up quickly. There are girls on here who have booked their vendors almost 2 years in advance, I think that is a bit much, but it can be done.  One year is your planning mark, I am assuming that this is your FI first wedding so he may not know how much actually goes into planning one.  Hell, I'm like 2 months out and my FI still has no idea what goes into it.  He only worked on the things he was interested in or what I NEEDED his help/input on.  I am handling all the details and it is alot.  You are going to need that time.

    Edit: Oh, NO you are not losing your mind....haha Just wanted to clarify.
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    Depending on what time of year and where you want to get married, you really should have certain things booked a year in advanced. Mainly, the venue, the photographer and possibly the DJ/Band. Things like flowers and attire really can be done on shorter notice.

    I'm from an area where certain venues (Not all) can be fully booked sometimes 2 years in advanced if it's during a big wedding month. That being said, I planned my entire wedding on less than 6 months notice (I also picked a "dead" time of year), and it was very nice ... so again, it really depends on where and when you want the wedding.

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    I have 18 months to go until my wedding and I've booked my venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ, Piano Player, Transportation and set up one of my room blocks. I wanted all of my top choice vendors and didn't want to lose our to other brides who booked ahead of me. Also, some of my vendors have assistants or "seconds" that do their job if you are not the first bride to book on your day. I wanted all of the owners of the company working my wedding so I could be confident in their work - also saves on tipping because you don't have to tip the owner of a company but you would have to tip their assistant or employee. For example I hired Luke's DJ and, because I am the first bride to book on my day, Luke will be my DJ. If another bride books on my day, she will get his employee or assistant DJing her wedding.
    Also, when I called him he already had 2012 weddings on his calendar.

    That was my long winded way of saying you should get started :)
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    xoxobxoxob member
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    If I waited until I had a year to plan, I would not have gotten the venue or photographer I wanted for our wedding.

    It depends on where you are and what kind of wedding you want. I don't think it's ever too early to start looking at venues.

    Also, everyone I know who had a year to plan told me that if they could do it over again they would have given themselves a year and a half.
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    There are no rules. I think a year is perfect to plan!
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    Starting ahead of time is a good idea.  We book our venue 1 year in advance and someone already had taken our original date of 9/18/10.  It ended up working okay because we chose 9/19/10, a Sunday, and are saving a ton of money.
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    I think a year is fine.  We got all of our big vendors about a year out.  I then started picking up small things for the wedding as I got paid (such as the flower girl basket, unity candle holder, ring bearer pillow, etc.).  It is exciting to buy small things like that and has definately eased the stress and helped the budget as we are now within 3 months!
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    I agree with PPs... if I waited until a year out, I would have never gotten my venue, ceremony location, or photographer.  Those are the things I've booked as of now, and I am glad I did because they are filling up.  So no, I don't think it's too early!  Good luck!
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    I agree w/ other posters.  Some things are handled better if given more time.  Get your major things taken care of/booked, and then you're good to go... for a while.  having more time give you more opportunities to "play" wth ideas for things too.  and helps a lot if you're the DIY type.  You're not crazy, although your friends and family may come to think you are at times. (I know mine have, until I showed them costs, and let them in on wheres' and how's and took them to the dress stores with me and they were hearing that sometimes it can take 2-3 mos. for a dress to be ready... yup, it's good to have time on your side!)Cool
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    We are over a year out and are planning to pay deposits on the venue and church next week. After that is done, we will be doing the DJ, cake, etc. I don't think a year out is to year at all . .

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