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need your help

I'm going to make a sticky with FAQ's about technology, since for some reason, this board gets bombarded with those questions.  So far I have:

how to view without Knot TV
how to change [name, date, location, etc] in profile
how to make a sig
how to make a ticker

What are some others that we get asked frequently?

I know new posters probably won't read FAQ's before posting, but you can politely direct them to the FAQ sticky at the top of the page when they ask, and it will save you all some nouns and verbs.

Re: need your help

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    That's a pretty good list!
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    lol. i've been just muting the tv. guess i should just go look at the faq's lol
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    No there are no FAQs yet.  Smile  I mean, there are Forum FAQs on the side of your screen, but they don't tell you how to get rid of Knot TV. 
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    I think that is a great idea. We need that on every board bc it seems like it always comes up no matter what board I am on.
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    Heels, I think you've got it covered.
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    I'd break down how to make a sig into
    How to put a pic in your sig
    how to put a link in your sig

    I remember figuring out to to sompliy make a signature with text, but I had trouble getting the rest of the stuff in there.
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    I was thinking the same thing how to put a pic on your sig.
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    trinalotrinalo member
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    Maybe you should include something showing people how to make the RSVP ticker for sigs. I see that question everywhere.
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    bbyckesbbyckes member
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    That's a good list and good call jenn, on adding a pic to your sig.  A few pages back there is a pretty extensive list of knottie lingo, you might want to add that as well.
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    aggiebugaggiebug member
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    also how to make a link a word so it doesn't ruin the format.  Maybe its just me, but when somone C&Ps a link the text runs off the page and I cannot read most of it.
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    Tickers. People always ask how to put in tickers.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: need your help</a>:
    [QUOTE]We get a lot of questions about the guest list tool on the main site, too.  So we might want to add something saying that none of us here actually do tech support for the Knot, and that the guest list feature is generally broken and badly coded.
    Posted by aerinpegadrak[/QUOTE]

    Ugh.  Yes.

    Thanks for all of these.  My list is getting pretty long.  I may need to make a Chit Chat bio or something.
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    HinajHinaj member
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    I don't know if anyone mentioned the $$$ signs for the dress and the price that goes with it.  I have answered those many times. 
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    Good one!
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