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My fiance is new to the area where we live, and he hasn't made many friends here. In fact, most of his friends are my friends' husbands or boyfriends, or his work colleagues. He doesn't have many men in his family, and most of them are a plane ride away.
I'd really love for someone to throw him a bachelor party-my friends are giving me a shower and a bachelorette party, and I feel kind of bad he is left out of that. Is there a polite way to encourage someone to take him out to dinner, or something like that? I'm not worried about strippers or associated naughtiness...we live in a pretty rural area without many clubs and most of that doesn't bother me anyway.

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    If someone wants to throw him a bachelor party, they will. I don't think there's a way to "encourage" someone to do some sort of bach party activity with him without being pushy. Does he even care? You said that you feel bad about it, but that doesn't mean he's worried about it. Either way, don't suggest it to anyone, that's rude.
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    There's no faster way to establish a guy as "whipped" than for his SO to attempt to set up playdates for him.  Seriously, your intentions are good, but you should really stay out of this one.  If someone wants to throw him a party, they will.
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    There's really no polite way to ask someone to throw a party for you. 

    If you your FI would like help to further his relationship with these guys, keeping making plans with these couples.  He will develop the friendships on his own, and you can always encourage him to call the guys to make plans.
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    Yeah, your heart is in the right place, but this is just a really bad idea.  Stay out of it.  Or if you feel that bad, decline your own b-party so neither of you have one.
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    All my FI's friends live almost 2000 miles away and he has no family, but he doesn't even want a bachelor party.  Does your FI care if he has one?  Your heart's in the right place but you may be worrying about nothing.

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    Yeah I would ask him, he might not even care.  
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    What about his friends that are in his wedding? Or brothers or cousins or something? I would talk with him and see what he wants/thinks. Maybe the night of your bacholorette party you could all go out to dinner (like all the men and women in that group) then you could go off to your bacholorette party and whatever happens with the guys, happens. That way it's not leaving him home alone or something, but it's also  giving a try without forcing anyone to do something they may not want to do. Just a thought!
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