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Mother-In-Law Troubles

So I need advice-
my Fiancé’s mother is very attached to him- he is he oldest of 5 kids and he has always been the person for her to go to when his dad is not there....

Last weekend we were all watching TV (around 10 people). She was sitting behind the couch and started to rub his head and put her arms around him and then started to rub his chest. This made me very uncomfortable while I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!

This is not the first time this has happened- she has sat on his lap and held his hand before- I talked to him about it then... but nothing ever got resolved- obviously. I was just his girlfriend then but now that I have been around for 4 years I feel like I should be able to go her to her and ask her to stop doing things like that; that make me feel uncomfortable- touching him in ways that I would.

So I did go to her and talk to her about it- she was furious that I brought it up- yelling at me on the phone and ended with calling me stupid for bringing this up. She compared her family to mine own and said that I'm just not use to that type of affection- but that there is nothing wrong with what she is doing.

I disagree- I think it's wrong of her to touch her grown son in that way and I find it offensive that she cannot respect me by not touching him...

What do I do??

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