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Whats for lunch?

Today I have a friend coming over and we are making home made mini corn dogs and funnel cakes. Then we shall relax and watch this means war and other movies.

What do you have planned?

Re: Whats for lunch?

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    [QUOTE]I had a salad with chopped carrots, celery, zucchini and tuna on it.  Then I ate a bunch of cherries and some strawberries. I watched This Means War a few weeks ago. It's corny, but cute.
    Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]

    Oh yum. Im not a huge celery or zucchini fan, and I hate fruit but the salad with tuna on the top sounds really yummy.

    FI and I watched the movie on sunday and we love it, so I want to watch it again.
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    Leftovers from last night - quinoa/rice blend, tomatoes, tofu, spinach, mushrooms, and maybe a salad fromt he garden. Trying to behave myself...I've been off the wagon for weeks.
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    Leftover chicken fajitas from last night.  There was fresh tomato soup from Sunday but DH took it to work.  Sads.

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