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"Alternative Registries"

I wonder where people get the idea that honeymoon registries are acceptable, and thing things like this pop up.  No wonder people come here with absolutely no clue so frequently, not only is the tacky stuff out there, it's pretty actively shoved down throats!

(Oops! Just saw this on the registering and gifts board! Sorry!)

Re: "Alternative Registries"

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    I posted that this morning. It's appalling.
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    So...I still don't get how this is worse than creating a registry of items ou don't want just because you're supposed to when ANY registry is still saying "buy me stuff"
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    I've actually seen the mention of honeymoon registries in Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette book. I was so surprised when I saw that. Most other things in there though tend to be on the correct track. 
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    We are registered with Target and Disney honeymoon registry. 

    I dont expect gifts. I have had a lot of people ask where im registered so we included a registry card in our invites. If people chose to buy a gift thats ok. If not. Im ok with that too. 
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