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Long time no see!

Hello ladies!

I've had such a busy week so I haven't been on here in what feels like FOREVER! I had to work 10 days straight only to come home to entertain our new kitten who has an endless supply of energy everyday-- lol. Yesterday I attended FBILs wedding which I had been pretty nervous about, but it went GREAT! It was a lot of fun. While at their wedding, I was jokingly saying to my FI maybe we should have a "real" wedding... but maybe part of me wasn't joking. The wedding was nice, but it wasn't anything special- ya know? I think it was the idea of how much fun it was & how everybody was able to get together for an event & have such a good time. Now I'm wondering if the destination wedding is the way to go.. or not. Any thoughts & opinions?

AND I need to be filled in! I haven't been on here in forever... how is everybody?! Anything new & exiciting that I've missed out on?!
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