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Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: Not engaged yet. Moving in together soon. Starting to look at rings. The word "marriage" is regular in our vocab.

My boyfriend and I met in 2010 through some mutual friends. We had our first date in July 2010, and we've been together ever since. He is East Indian, I am white. He was born and raised in the US, so he thinks of himself as more American than East Indian (I actually tease him about the "Indian coming out" because he's more white than some of my white friends). He was married once before to a woman who was also white. From what I understand, she was not well received by the family at all. I do not get the feeling all of this had to do with the fact she was white, but it certainly didn't help any either. In any case, they divorced soon after moving to the Seattle area (there were together for a total of 7ish years) and he was single until I came along. He has slowly been introducing the idea of me to his family (at Christmas with his dad and in May with his mom). His sister and I have friended each other on Facebook, and send emails back and forth and holiday gifts and birthday gifts etc. She told me I was a "breath of fresh air" in comparison to what she had to deal with the first time around.

Ok, that was long. Sorry.

Does anyone have any suggestions on meeting the parents? I recently (2 weeks ago) lost my father to cancer and I want nothing more than to include his family in our relationship/lives. I know I can hold my own, and I was raised in a house where elders are the most respected members of society, so I'm not "afraid" of that. What was your experience in meeting the parents? How did you do it? Where did it happen? Were you engaged first? If there are any situations where it didn't go as planned, how did you remedy the situation?

A friend told me his parents are/will be just as nervous that I won't like them, as I am that they won't like me - any thoughts about this?

Also, if anyone has any advice on things I should be culturally aware of, I would appreciate that too. I would like to think of myself as "diversity friendly" but I am probably just as dumb as the next person when it comes to what to say/not to say in the presence of a culture other than mine.

Thanks in advance.......
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