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NWR-Am I being petty?

Just a small vent...

So, at my job (I work overnights), we have a cabinet in the break room where people can leave mugs, cups, etc. I have one mug (my favorite, of course) that I leave in the cabinet so I don't have to take it back and forth and worry about it breaking, getting lost, etc. Last week I noticed the mug missing, so I asked around for a few days and nobody seemed to remember moving it. So, I put up a note in the breakroom asking very nicely that whoever took the mug return it, and that I didn't mind if someone borrowed it as long as they brought it back so I'd have it when I needed it.

I came back after a few days off to find my note taken down and the mug still not returned. I gave it another day or so and wrote another note saying to please either return the mug or replace it. Two days later, the note was gone again. A coworker of mine admitted to taking down the note because someone had written a rude response something to the effect of "You're spending too much time on a stupid mug and people have better sh** to do than look for it." When I was bothered by this, I was told that I was being petty and that after all it was just a mug.

But is it really just a mug? The way I see it is that somebody took something that wasn't theirs, and when nicely asked to return it, got snarky and decided to write a nasty note. Why should me asking someone to return my property (no matter how big or small) be met with hostility? And how is that petty?

I know I probably am spending too much time on this now, but it really upsets me for some reason. I just want my stupid mug back without the attitude. Sorry ladies, vent over :)
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