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It will not collapse the tent.

Columnist Carolyn Hax replied this to a MOB's question.  The writer was wondering if a guest who normally injects himself with insulin at casual restaurants, would do so at her daughter's wedding.  Hax said to accept it as one of the many things you can't control about people and that it would not collapse the tent. Thought it was a good phrase to repeat to myself and my daughter when we get upset about small details for her upcoming wedding.

Re: It will not collapse the tent.

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    It is a good phrase to  have in your back pocket.  As a 3 time MOB, the best advice I can give you is to not freak out unless the groom has been kidnapped or the officient's pic is on your milk carton.

    In the 11 days leading up to my first DD's wedding, her final fitting was a complete disaster, we ordered roses from Sam's club and they only ordered 1/3 of what we needed (we found on 3 days before the wedding and we were making the bouquets) and I can't remember the third thing, but I do know it was "big".  In every one of those situations the vendors went above and beyond to fix things.  They were wonderful.  I am a Christian and as much as I wanted to flip my little MOB mind when these things happened, I did my best to be nice, polite, and let people do their jobs.  It was a wonderful lesson to me that if you give people a polite chance, they will usually go out of their way for you.

    So, yep, if the tent don't fall, the wedding will be fine!
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    That MOB needs to get a grip. As Type I diabetic, I have to inject myself with insulin, and restaurant bathrooms are not necessarily the best place to do it.  I'd've told the MOB that a guest going into a coma at the wedding is a lot worse than a discreet insulin injection. JFC.
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    Eh, I'm in the middle on this one.  People should be able to deal with it, and the MOB shouldn't make a big deal about it, but I also know people with horrible needle phobias, and understand that this could make them very uncomfortable.  In fact, I work with someone who once passed out just at the sight of a needle...I think everyone just needs to use their best judgement and do what they can to make others comfortable, but it sounds like the husband is less than subtle.
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    The thing is, if done discreetly, noone would see the needle for more than a few seconds. I do warn people if I don't know them well. usually, they just turn their heads. Insulin needles aren't giant.
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