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For Sale - Dress & Items from Zorvino Wedding

Hey Ladies!  I was married last Saturday at Zorvino and have a few items for sale from the event: an email to if there's any interest?Thanks and good luck to the ladies getting married this weekend, the weather looks like it will be cooperating!

Re: For Sale - Dress & Items from Zorvino Wedding

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    Congrats on your wedding!  How did everything go?  I'm getting married there next October - so excited!  The place is gorgeous!!  Did you do anything special to decorate the inside or the gazebo or just let it shine on its own?
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    Honestly the place has so much character it needs nothing (IMO) it's very hard to decorate, inside and out, without adding a "cheese" factor - so the theme of our entire event was "Less is More".  The Gazebo had some grape-vine looking things left from the wedding on Friday night that Rue left up for our ceremony - personally to do it over again I would have taken them down.  But my taste is for more minimal, understated, class.  Feel free to email me if you'd like pics, we didn't do much at all, but I didn't think we needed to!
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