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Need help picking my dress, please!

I stopped by a small bridal shop this afternoon assuming I wouldn't find anything by my first impression of the empty store. Next to a couple of horrific dresses...there it was...a beautiful lace Maggie Sottero gown. At first glace I didn't see it's beauty because I was highly overwhelmed but when I tried it on I started to tear up. Yesterday, I tried on 15 gowns at a very popular store but never had that emotional feeling but found two that I kind of like.

So, ladies I need your help. I didn't have  any feedback as I was shopping on a whim by myself and my friends and family live out of town. I feel like  Dress 3 could be 'the one' but I also like Dress 1.

I am getting married at the Bedford Springs Resort, so I feel that lace is fitting for the vintage style venue. Thoughts or suggestions...or should I keep looking?

Re: Need help picking my dress, please!

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    I got married at Bedford Springs this March and a dress that fits the venue is a definite must...vintage and lace is definitly the way to go!  I wore a Maggie Sottero dress, the Oakley, in ivory and gold and it fit the veune great, I love Maggie...Good luck!
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