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What colour bridesmaid shoes???

I would really like some ideas about what colour shoes i should put my bridesmaids in- i have no clue!!   I have trawled the colour boards but still don't know what would look good. 

Their dresses are a plummy purple colour and are tea length with a brooch detail at the waist.  My wedding colours are the plummy purple colour and a light pinky mauve colour.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks ladies!

Re: What colour bridesmaid shoes???

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    I'd let them pick out their own silver shoes. Some of them may already have something great in their closets!
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    Let them pick out their own.  No one will notice shoes; don't stress about it.
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    That is very true! Thanks.
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    Let them choose their own, in any color.  Telling them to find silver or gold or any color still isn't really allowing them to find their own shoes.  Really, am I ever going to wear gold shoes again? Probably not. But if I found a kick @$$ pair of black ones, I probably would.

    ETA: I have a pair of silver shoes sitting on my shoe shelf from a wedding I was in 4 years ago.  I cannot remember another time where I have worn them
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    Yeah, I wouldn't specify a color.  I'm sure they'll figure out something suitable.
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    I think silver would look really nice. But of course, some of my girls wore purple dresses and they all wore silver shoes. One of my girls wore a greyish pair of shoes which she did already own & they were perfectly fine. My sister/MOH wore her silver shoes from prom a few years before.
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    black shoes? they could at least wear them again
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    Go with Black or Silver they never go out of style + everyone has a pair of these!
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    I'm also debating this issue because I was thinking on a color for the shoes, and one of my sisters, who'll be a bridesmaid, suggested red and I love the idea. But even though I'll only have four bridesmaids (my sisters are two of them), I'm still thinking about the other two bridesmaids. One's my cousin and the other my FH's cousin. What if they don't like red shoes? My sisters will do it willingly since it's my wedding. But not many people will notice the shoes. Everything matchy-matchy looks cute, but sometimes it's a hassle. Talk to them, individually, and get their thought on this. If you do settle on matching shoes try forest green, bronze, silver, gold or even bright yellow (it adds a pop to the purple!).
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