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Bridesmaids/Groomsman colors!!!Pink and orange

My wedding colors are pink and orange...I need some advice, My FH doesnt want the guys in pink(he's wearing all white) The groomsman will be in black tux do you think it will look ok with orange or will it look like halloween? Should the girls also have a orange dress or would pink look ok if the guys have orange vest and tie?? Tell me what you think.

Re: Bridesmaids/Groomsman colors!!!Pink and orange

  • I think the groomsman will look fine in orange. Also, you can easily do the girls in pink or orange, whatever you want. 
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  • Take the girls to a salon and have them try on both pink and orange. Certain shades of each color can be really hard to pull off. You need to give them the opportunity to see the colors and vote on them before making your decision, since they are the ones who have to buy and wear the dresses.

    I personally would not have the men wear orange vests (or pink). But I've seen weddings where the guys wore black vests with orange ties and I thought that looked nice. Another option is to have them in neutral vests (black, silver, champagne) with an orange or pink boutonniere as the subtle color pop.

    Another option, if your bridesmaids don't want to wear pink or orange, could be to put them in black dresses and give them pink or orange accessories (flowers, sash, shawl, bold jewelry).
  • sorry - i just think matching vests is so 90's prom.
    you should do black vests
    incorporate the colors through your flowers.  you girls can wear pink or orange, or both!
  • Pink, orange, and yellow are my colors as well and we have had the same dilemma with the groomsmen's vests. He doesn't want pink, I don't like the way orange or yellow look. We're either doing grey vests (not one of the colors but it compliments nicely), or just traditional back vests. The boutonnieres will be pink. 
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