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Help needed for engraving

I want to get our wedding bands engraved in a continuous phrase. LIke my ring says the first part and his says the second. Does anyone know any small quotes that would work. So far I have

1. hers: If you're a bird
his: I'm a bird

2. hers: wing to wing
his: oar to oar

Any other ideas?

Re: Help needed for engraving

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    How much room do you have to work with?  We have "Put me back on" and the date engraved and it took up the entire circumference.
    AKA GoodLuckBear14
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    I personally like "Here is my heart" and "Guard it well"

    Also Tldh brings up a good point - make sure you talk to your jeweler about the space available.  My wedding band is a channel set w/ baguettes half way around, and they couldn't engrave where the stones were so that only left half of the ring to work with. 

    I found this list of potential inscriptions that could be helpful.  They're not all phrased in the "call and answer" style but who knows, something may inspire you anyway!

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    I prefer that engravings have some sort of meaning rather than something random that's been chosen.  That said, can you take something from your vows and incorporate it?
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