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Options made me so happy!!!

My wedding was really one of the most beautiful and different that everybody has been. And people that were there more than one month later are still talking about it! and of course about my wedding dress! I was against spending a bunch of money for a dress I could wear just one in my whole life! So when I discovered I decided to try, the dress was cheap enough to risk it! i was alarmed by a lot of web reviews about the site but I could assure you that it was value for money. My wedding dress came to me on April and in the beginning the project was to have a morning beach wedding. Then changed to an afternoon in a small country church I had to do my dress that was really wonderful by himself a bit more lighting. The quality of my dress was so much better than I really expected. Imagine that I danced all night long on it, I ate, I smoked and nothing did happen!! I had a wedding dress that is just like new! And my wedding day was fantastic, it was exactly on my budget. I loved it most, liked a princess without taking any loan!!!


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